Online Learning

Beacon Academy strives to ensure that all students have access to continuing education during this unprecedented time. Students in all circumstances will follow their normal timetable and this will be accessible in school or from home via Google Classroom.

For our Online Learning Policy click here

Outline of Beacon Academy Remote Learning Provision

Off-site provision

Day 1 ONLY

Day 2 Onwards

Show My Homework

Teachers will set work on Show My Homework for students to complete

N.B. This may only be a notice to redirect students to other third party providers e.g. MathsWatch.


Google Classroom

Students will be able to access their normal timetabled lessons online via Google Classroom.

Paper Work Packs

Students will have access to paper work packs mapped to the curriculum. This is in the event that ICT facilities are not available to students. Paper work packs will be made available upon request.


If you require assistance with online learning or you would like to request a paper work pack please contact the school via email on or call us on 01472 328888.


Show My Homework

To access Show My Homework for Day 1 provision, click here

Google Classroom

To see our simple guide on how to access Google Classroom, click here


For further online learning see Oak National Academy

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Key Stage 4 – Click here


Online Learning Letter Years 7-10 January 2021 – click here

Year 7 Remote Learning Timetable w/c 11/1/21 – click here

Year 8 Remote Learning Timetable w/c 11/1/21 – click here

Year 9 Remote Learning Timetable w/c 11/1/21 – click here

Year 10 Remote Learning Timetable w/c 11/1/21 – click here


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