Beacon Academy has high standards with regards to student attendance and punctuality, expecting 100%.  However, we also appreciate that all young people can fall ill from time to time and therefore our Academy target is 96% or above.

Please see below for some useful documents:

Attendance: A Guide for Parents

Absence Request Form


* Every lesson matters – students who have time off, often find it difficult to catch up and then this can impact on other aspects of their life.
* There is a strong link between the amount of absence and the progress/qualifications that a student achieves.
Punctuality is extremely important to maximise the learning opportunities.
The morning Tutor session begins at 0830.  
Therefore, we encourage all students to be on the Academy site no later than 0825.
Students who arrive after 0830 must report to the member of staff on duty (or Student Services) and will be given a late attendance mark.
The legal AM registration mark closes at 0900.