Reporting and Consultation Evenings

Working in partnership with parents/carers is very important to us and vital to our students’ success.

We monitor the students’ progress regularly as academic excellence will be achieved through outstanding and innovative teaching and learning led by skilled and dedicated staff and through a personalised curriculum through which students are highly engaged and motivated.

With the exception of Year 11 who receive an annual report in February, all students receive an annual report at the end of the academy year. We also encourage parents/carers to attend consultation evenings. Each year group has one formal consultation a year when parents are invited to meet with subject teachers.


The reporting and consultation evening timetable is shown below:


Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
7 Progress Report Progress Report Annual Report
Parents’ Consultation 14/11/18  
8 Progress Report Progress Report Annual Report
9 Progress Report Progress Report Annual Report
10 Progress Report Progress Report Annual Report
 Parents’ Evening 07/11/18
11 Progress Report Annual Report Progress Report
Parents’ Evening 26/11/18