Extra-curricular Activities

At Beacon Academy, we believe that some of the most memorable and enriching activities we experience at school happen outside the classroom and the formal curriculum.

We offer a range of enrichment activities to help our students grow as individuals and to nurture that sense of being part of a family. We aim to educate the whole person – mind, spirit and body.

These activities include:

  • The opportunity to participate in performances at different times of the year including the school Christmas pantomime and music concerts in the summer
  • Activity days in and out of school drawing on and developing student’s physical education experiences
  • Art clubs focussing on extra-curricular projects supporting the department in raising the profile of the subject around the academy
  • Access to facilities after the school day has finished e.g. open-door classrooms for intervention and homework clubs

In choosing Beacon Academy you are choosing a distinctive, enriching school experience that is more than just classroom learning and exams.

Access to a range of extra-curricular activities is a vital part of the learning experience for every student and they will have the opportunity to take part in sport, performing arts, a variety of clubs and educational trips.

For details of our extra-curricular school wide provision (weekly timetable) please click below:

Whole School 22-23 Extra-Curricular Timetable

For details of our extra-curricular PE activities (both lunchtime and after school) click below:

PE Half Term 2 23-24 Extra-Curricular Timetable