Our Vision

Our vision is one of an outstanding education for all students, tailored their individual needs and aspirations.

Students will leave the Academy with the qualifications and skills they need to progress onto the next level of education or employment and the confidence to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

Our teaching staff are highly skilled and dedicated to engaging and motivating students to achieve through high quality teaching and wrap-around support.

Academic excellence will be achieved through Outstanding and innovative teaching and learning led by skilled and dedicated staff and through a personalised curriculum through which pupils are highly engaged and motivated. We will never lose sight of the importance of the individual and all learning will take place in a setting which promotes respect for self and others, good conduct, collaboration with others and contribution to the common good.

Beacon Academy will provide a safe and supporting environment. We will continue to place great importance on the happiness of all of our pupils. We will promote a strong sense of school community, a collective identity and an environment in which the self-worth of each individual is developed and respected.

We will maintain a commitment to providing outstanding learning opportunities for all students. Lessons will engage, stimulate, challenge and stretch learners and enable all to reach their full potential.