Extra-curricular Activities

For details of our extra-curricular activities (both lunchtime and after school) click here

At Beacon Academy, we believe that some of the most memorable and enriching activities we experience at school happen outside the classroom and the formal curriculum.

We offer a range of enrichment activities to help our students grow as individuals and to nurture that sense of being part of a family. We aim to educate the whole person – mind, spirit and body.

These activities include

  • The opportunity to enter the local Global Rock performing Arts competition
  • Activity days in school using equipment from local youth services including climbing wall, caged football, archery and team building exercises

In choosing Beacon Academy you are choosing a distinctive, enriching school experience that is more than just classroom learning and exams.

Access to a range of extra-curricular activities is a vital part of the learning experience for every student and they will have the opportunity to take part in sport, performing arts, a variety of clubs and educational trips.