Examinations Summer 2019

GCSE examinations commence on Tuesday 14 May 2019 for Year 11 students. The final GCSE timetable is in the provisional stages so the first examination dates will be confirmed in early 2019. There will be no study leave for students as the Academy believes it has a responsibility to support students in preparation for their exams and completion of BTEC courses.

Following the half-term holidays all Year 11 students should attend school as normal until they have finished their exams and all BTEC coursework is completed and signed off by the subject teacher. During the exam time students that have already sat their exam will no longer be expected to attend that subject. Instead, they can complete extra hours in those subject area’s still to be taken or completed, under the supervision of the study support teacher and/or subject teacher. Students who have not registered must sign in at reception to comply with Health & Safety requirements.

Information for Candidates

Click on the links below to access the relevant information.

Information for Candidates – Examination Timetable Summer 2019

Information for Candidates – Examination Guidance notes

Information for Candidates – Letter to candidates

Information for Candidates – Examination Mobile Phone Policy

Information for Candidates – Warning to Candidates

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Results Collection

Examination results will be available on Thursday 22nd August 2019 between 10:00 and 12:00. Results not picked up or posted out on this date will not be available for collection until the school reopens in early September 2019. From this date please go to reception to pick up results through the visitors’ entrance.

Students will only be allowed to collect their own result sheets and will not be able to ask for those of other students. In the event that a student is unable to attend they will need to give written consent for a parent/carer to collect results on their behalf. If this is not possible result sheets can be posted to your home address if you provide a registered stamped addressed envelope before results day.


Certificates are not available until Presentation Evening, which is to be held during the Autumn term. You will receive a letter by the end of September advising you of the arrangements for the evening and the issue of certificates.