Transition 2021

Transition Package to Support Students 2021

At Beacon Academy, we understand the concerns about moving to a new school. To help support our students through this period we aim to create a transition package to replace our normal transition sessions. Normally, transition sessions would have been held early in July and consist of two full days of them exploring the school, meeting new staff and accustoming themselves with their new academy.

Unfortunately this year has had to be different due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To try and replicate some of the information and support they would have received during these two days we intend to provide students with a range of different transition support materials.


Welcome Booklet:

We will be releasing our 2021 Welcome Booklet soon. This booklet will include lots of key information for students moving to our academy in September and we encourage you to discuss the contents of the booklet with your child.

We hope that this booklet will:

  • Alleviate some fears about moving to our school
  • Inform students about some key information about the academy
  • Support students in helping them to feel part of their new school
  • Allow students to read information about staff and subjects they will encounter in September

The booklet will be the first part of our transition support package (so keep checking back for further information). We hope that this transition package leaves students settled, calm and excited about their transition to Beacon Academy.



Work Booklets

We may even be able to provide some helpful work booklets for students to look at during the Summer.



360 Photography of School Site: 

We know that being able to see the school is an important part of transition as it can help support students’ fears and alleviate anxiety. As a further part of our Transition support we have created 360 degree imagery of the school so that students can begin to understand how the school looks and familiarise themselves with certain areas of the school.

Main Entrance / School Field:

Student Entrance:

Outside Area – Sports Hall / Canteen / Hall:



Sports Hall:

Keep checking back to this page for further images and information.