Careers, Guidance and Support

At Beacon Academy our vision is that all students are equipped with the high aspirations, skills and qualifications to set them on their pathways to global opportunities by the time they leave in Y11. Students will have a planned programme of careers education and guidance supported by further opportunities of citizenship enrichment. This all falls within the parameters of the DFE Careers Education Framework – Statutory Guidance (DFE-00002-2018).

Within our careers provision we aim to:

  • Provide independent careers guidance from year 8 to year 11 where appropriate.
  • Ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access all pupils in year 8 to year 11 for the purpose of informing them about approved technical education qualifications to apprenticeships.
  • Use the Gatsby Benchmarks in a way to provide continuous improvement to our careers provision.
  • Provide opportunities for students in year 7 to year 11 to have quality encounters with employers, particularly from STEM employers both nationally and locally.
  • Employ a Careers Leader to lead the careers programme in the academy. This is supported by the work of our dedicated CEIAG Link Governor.
  • Keep parent/carers and students updated on all elements of our careers programme as and when appropriate.


Staffing:  Beacon Academy employs a Careers Lead, Mrs Sarah Worrell and our Link Governor, Mrs Tracy Dennis, is a full-time employee of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Dedicated Careers Guidance:  Guidance in year 10 and year 11 is provided by a qualified Careers Advisor from the YPSS Careers Service. Students are allocated at least 1 hours 1:1 careers guidance in year 11 and vulnerable students are identified in year 10 to start that process early. Where necessary, external, independent and impartial careers services are invited in to address students directly through opportunities in assemblies, form time and open evenings.

Student Entitlement:  There are a number of features of the Beacon Academy provision that target individual year groups/cohorts with specific age-related advice and guidance:

Key Stage 3 is based in consideration of career aspirations and routes especially considering options for KS4 learning based in thinking about FE and HE into KS5 and beyond.

  • Parliamentary awareness, roles and responsibilities of MPs – GTFC 12-week programme.
  • RAF careers workshops – considering the armed forces for careers choices.
  • Steps to success (Performance in Education) – guiding students in starting to consider KS4 options and careers.
  • Regional engagement opportunities provided by FORCE – a regional network whose aim is to help schools and education professionals support pupils to achieve their potential through raising aspirations and increasing participation in FE and HE.
  • Options support for making KS4 choices in year 9. A full suite of advice and guidance including access to KS4 and KS5 providers, parents evening, assemblies and information pamphlets.


Key Stage 4 is focussed on considering current skills (through careers interviews) and developing these skills for interviews and the world of work. Enabling students to have the right knowledge and understanding of their own skills and qualities to consider options for staying in education, employment or training at the end of Y11.

  • Assemblies/small group work with existing university students explaining what life is like at HE.
  • NCOP (National Collaborative Outreach Programme) employability workshops, resilience workshops and future options workshops.
  • Visiting colleges and universities to outline FE and HE provision.
  • NCS assemblies encouraging application to the programme in the summer of Y11. Participants engage in a full suite of ‘after school life’/careers options work based at the University of Hull.
  • RAF colleagues’ presentations and attendance at parents’ evenings – options including post university.
  • FORCE colleagues visits to parents evening for Y11 to discussions options for students when completing FE/apprenticeship courses at 18.
  • Year 10 and Year 11 1:1 careers interviews.
  • Lincs2 1:1 support for Y11 to ensure all students have applied to appropriate post-16 courses and apprenticeships including securing interviews.


Trips, visits and work experience:  Beacon Academy is dedicated to building in trips, visits and work experience into ensuring high quality CEIAG education during the students’ time with us. This includes:

  • Visits to the NE Lincolnshire Skills Fair in July held at the Grimsby Auditorium.
  • Supporting attendance at taster sessions at the GIFHE and Franklin College where appropriate and meaningful
  • Supporting the provision of 1 week’s work experience for all Y10 students during the summer term.


CEIAG Provision Improvement Strategy:  Beacon Academy uses Compass (the career benchmarking tool) to assess our current provision against all 8 benchmarks of the Gatsby Benchmark initiative. Our progress against these benchmarks is reviewed with the Link Governor regularly throughout the academic year. This is done with an aim of meeting each benchmark with a score of 100% by the end of 2020.

Contact:  Our Careers Lead, Mrs Sarah Worrell, works in the academy every day and is available for students during the working day. Support is provided by the Link Governor, Mrs Tracy Dennis who works for the DWP.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Sarah Worrell

Tel: 01472 328888


All colleges and post-16 providers, including apprenticeship providers and technical colleges are invited in to speak to year 10 and year 11 throughout the course of the academic year. Beacon Academy is also proud to be working with YPSS, NCOP and FORCE to ensure that we are providing a quality CEIAG wraparound curriculum.

Students are listened to and have the opportunity to share their views and ideas through the Student Council every half term.   This is represented by students from Y7-Y11.

Further information (useful links):

icould is a student and parent/carer friendly careers advice and information service.  This is an online charity providing career ideas and information for young people. Click here to go to the icould website.

Lincs2 is an online careers gateway providing invaluable information to the people of North East Lincolnshire to help them make the right choices regarding post-16 qualifications and beyond. Click here to go to the Lincs2 website.

LMI Humber is a quality resource that allows students and parents/carers to see information about the labour market in North East Lincolnshire. This can be a useful tool to refer to when considering future employment options and trends. Click here to visit the NEL section of the LMI Humber website.

Please click here to read our policy statement regarding requests to visit the academy as part of the CEIAG curriculum.